International Adoption Resources (IAR) aiding orphans and adoptive parents
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IAR provides orphans in our global community with a brighter future.
About Us

In addition to our China programs, IAR seeks to educate the general public and policy makers about international adoption. IAR's "pink and blue" ribbon campaign in the media and lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. help ensure that both orphans and prospective adoptive parents' interests are being promoted and protected.

Carol Ann Tonn, Founder and Executive Director

Carol Ann TonnAs an adoptive parent herself, Carol Ann has a wealth of insights and perspective concerning international adoption. After years of people asking her for direction and advice, she founded International Adoption Resources (IAR) in 2002. Carol Ann has twenty years professional experience in International Marketing and Sales with top tier media companies (Dow Jones, Time Inc., IDG, and Yahoo!). Carol Ann earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Indiana University and Masters in Education from SUNY. She currently lives in Shanghai with her husband and five children.

Hank Bourg, Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Hank Bourg Hank Bourg has served as Treasurer/CFO for International Adoption Resources from its inception in 2002. He started his career with Ernst & Young in Texas and is now an accomplished finance and accounting professional with over 25 years experience. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Louisiana State University and a Master of Business Administration from Santa Clara University. In 2008 he moved with his family to Shanghai, China where he serves as Financial Controller (China) for the Shaw Group.


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The goal of International Adoption Resources (IAR) is to provide orphans in our global community with a brighter future by connecting them to prospective adoptive parent(s) empowered with informational and financial resources. IAR is not an adoption agency, but we work closely with US based international adoption agencies. IAR supports adoptive parents interested in providing homes to international orphaned children.

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