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IAR provides orphans in our global community with a brighter future.
Where to Begin: Do we qualify?

Each country has specific requirements that prospective adoptive parents must meet. They relate to the following categories: Income, age, gender (for single applicants), marital stability, and number of existing children in the home.

Top countries international adoption requirements:

  Annual Income Age Single Parents Marital Status Children in Home
China $10,000 per family member (including adoptive child); total assets must be at least $80,000 30-55 Married only Married at least 2 years, up to 2 divorces per parent allowed; no gay or lesbian couples Up to 4, youngest must be at least 1 year old (special needs adoptions exempt)
Russia No Requirement No requirement Single parents accepted, must be 16 years older than child No requirement No requirement
Ethiopia No set requirement No minimum. Maximum 40 years older than child. Single parents accepted, must be at least 25 No gay or lesbian couples  

Steps in the international adoption process:

  1. Attend a general information meeting at a local adoption agency
  2. Complete and return preliminary paperwork (if you have chosen to work with this agency)
  3. Initial consultation with adoption counselor
  4. Attend adoption education classes
  5. Complete the "home study"
  6. Approve your home study
  7. Submit dossier to foreign government (through your adoption agency)
  8. Accept child referral from placement agency
  9. Travel to your child's country of origin for placement (note: two trips required with Russian adoption)
  10. Post-placement visits and follow-up support
  11. File for Social Security number and re-adoption

The process, trip duration, and estimated cost

The process varies by country so IAR again highly encourages prospective adoptive parents to work with an accredited adoption agency. Be prepared, as there is a great deal of paperwork to complete with international adoption (not taxing, just time-consuming). By working with an accredited adoption agency, they can guide you through the correct paperwork alleviating your time and avoiding any unwanted surprises. Also note, everyone agrees the most difficult part of international adoption is the waiting time. Again, by working with an accredited adoption agency, they can help manage your expectations.

Process Duration Trip Duration Estimated Cost
China 7 to 36 months Average of 12 days, 1 parent require, both strongly encouraged $15,500
Russia Average of 5 months Two trips required, one to accept the referral and one to complete $16,000 to $22,000
Korea Average of 14 months 3 business days, one or both parents may travel

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The goal of International Adoption Resources (IAR) is to provide orphans in our global community with a brighter future by connecting them to prospective adoptive parent(s) empowered with informational and financial resources. IAR is not an adoption agency, but we work closely with US based international adoption agencies. IAR supports adoptive parents interested in providing homes to international orphaned children.

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