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It is the goal of IAR to remove the financial road-blocks to  international adoptions.
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Removing Financial Road-Blocks to Adoption

When people are asked why they don't consider international adoption as a parenting alternative, the answer is most often "We would love to, but we can't afford it." International Adoption Resources (IAR) was specifically created to address the economic burden of international adoption and make international adoption a more feasible option.

How IAR reduces the costs:


Families can apply for grants from IAR. The grant program is open to all legal international adoptions. The only requirement is proof of a completed home study (verified by your adoption agency). There is no income requirement, but financial need of the family (or financial hardship to either the adoptive family or adopted child) is considered. The grant committee meets each quarter. The grants range from US$500 to US$1500 and can only be applied to the actual cost of the international adoption. Adoptive parents can apply again if not selected from their first application. Click here to download an application.

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The goal of International Adoption Resources (IAR) is to provide orphans in our global community with a brighter future by connecting them to prospective adoptive parent(s) empowered with informational and financial resources. IAR is not an adoption agency, but we work closely with US based international adoption agencies. IAR supports adoptive parents interested in providing homes to international orphaned children.

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