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Parents Tell Their Stories: China

I chose to adopt my daughter after seeing friends from my church adopt a little girl from China. I would see their daughter every week and pine to have a cute China doll too. It's quite ironic now as I dislike when people call my daughter a "China doll" as she is "my" daughter (who just happens to be of Chinese origin). In addition to the emotional appeal mentioned above, my practical side told me to go through the China program. I was not comfortable adopting an older child as a single parent which was my only option through other countries at the time (for fear of greater risk of attachment disorders and other greater risks than I could accommodate).

As a single parent (not fitting the age requirement either), I was forced to accept a child classified with "special needs." My daughter's health paperwork highlighted "rickets" as her disability. Upon review with a pediatrician, I found (in most cases), this could be easily treated through diet and exercise. After additional soul-searching (and seeing her photo which made me want to go to China that very day and pick her up!), I confirmed my decision to move forward with the adoption process.

The trip to China is a whirlwind to remember. I know other parents keep a journal through the process, but I was too excited and jet-lagged to take notes. I do remember a mini-anxiety attack at the San Francisco Airport when the magnitude of international adoption really "hit" me. International adoption was the biggest leap of my life. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It is costly. The process teaches you patience. It is stressful. That said, adopting my daughter from China is also the best decision I have ever made in my life.


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The goal of International Adoption Resources (IAR) is to provide orphans in our global community with a brighter future by connecting them to prospective adoptive parent(s) empowered with informational and financial resources. IAR is not an adoption agency, but we work closely with US based international adoption agencies. IAR supports adoptive parents interested in providing homes to international orphaned children.

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