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Parents Tell Their Stories: Russia

We chose to adopt from Russia as our neighbors had adopted children from Russia. They were very candid with their "war stories" as one previous adoption in Russia had fallen through for them. They were not jaded by their first unfruitful experience and all did work out in the end as they have two lovely children from Russia. With this same optimism, we soul-searched, prayed, and asked for an introduction to their adoption agency.

The process with Russian adoption is complex. We learned that in this program, adoptive parents have to make two trips to Russia. Reviewing our finances, we really had to consider the cost implications of this country choice (versus most other countries that only require one trip). We continued to see our neighbor's children from Russia playing outside and their success story before us each day finally outweighed our financial apprehension. We moved forward with Russia and are now very happy with our choice.

The adoption agency contacts in Moscow were very friendly (if not overly friendly and we were actually taken aback as they were greeting us with kisses at the airport). After traveling with them in Russia to pick up our son, we realized their intent was very sincere. They were genuine people who truly had the welfare of children as their key goal (although we did have to bring money with us which did not make us feel comfortable). I still uncomfortable with the money involved with the process, but I accept that practices in other countries are different. I firmly believe our funds were truly for the children and not "bribe money" as one hears in "adoption gone wrong" stories.

In summary, we have a wonderful adoption story as we adopted a happy, well-adjusted, wonderful little boy. I cannot physically have children so if it were not for international adoption; we would still be a lonely couple pining for a child. Through international adoption, we are more fulfilled as a couple and now a family.


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The goal of International Adoption Resources (IAR) is to provide orphans in our global community with a brighter future by connecting them to prospective adoptive parent(s) empowered with informational and financial resources. IAR is not an adoption agency, but we work closely with US based international adoption agencies. IAR supports adoptive parents interested in providing homes to international orphaned children.

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